Menstrual Cups, Hot or Not?

Fun Factoory Menstrual Cup

Having tried a Menstrual Cup in the past, I am very optimistic about it. It’s affordable, easy to use and hygienic if sanitized properly.

So what is a Menstrual Cup?

It’s a reusable feminine hygiene product, a small, flexible funnel-shaped cup that’s made of rubber or silicone and inserted into the vagina to catch and collect menstrual fluid.

What’s different about the cup is that it can hold more blood than other sanitary products. It can safely stay in the body for up to 12 hours while menstruating. It’s safer than tampons as it collects and doesn’t absorb blood. You wouldn’t have to worry about TSS( Toxic Shock Syndrome), a rare bacterial infection that can be fatal.

Is the Menstrual Cup Affordable?

Menstrual Cups are an eco-friendly option as they do not create waste. It’s an affordable long-term option as the cup has a life span of 5 – 10 years with proper care. In South Africa woman spends on average R300 to R600 a year on sanitary products, so buying a cup would dramatically reduce the amount of money spent on sanitary products.

Menstrual Cups are a much eco-friendlier option as they do not create the waste that comes with using tampons and pads.

Menstrual Cups come in different sizes so that women who have given birth or have a heavier period can choose a larger cup. The cup needs to be removed twice a day while menstruating and washed and wiped clean before being inserted.


  • It’s affordable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Holds more blood than other sanitary products
  • Can be used with an IUD
  • Great for active people who enjoy swimming, running and dancing


  • Messy ( Can be difficult at first to remove and sanitize cup)
  • Could be difficult to find the right fit
  • May cause vaginal irritation

Where to get it?

Menstrual cups retail between R300.00 to R700  and you can order online from Yummy Lifestyle & Lingerie in South Africa, they offer free shipping for orders over R650.00.

Menstrual Cup

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